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Cosmoprof Bologna – A huge experience

In March, there was organized one of the world’s most prestigious professional exhibitions, Cosmoprof at Bologna. Owing to Melinda Szilágyi and the Italian-Hungarian Consulate we were there with our brand Coconutoil Cosmetics and it was a great experience! Thank you very much for this opportunity! In this article we try to summarize what happened to us in Bologna.

Cosmoprof Bologna represented 35 countries. Exhibitors and visitors came from all over the world. The exhibition area was huge, and guests could take part in various professional presentations or training sessions on all kinds of beauty issues. The nail, hair, makeup, skin care, and even SPA department attracted a lot of offerings to the audience. Imagine it as a fusion of a fashion show and a design exhibition but the focus was on beauty & skincare. And we were there too!

At our stand, we represented Hungary in front of the professionals and we have not forgotten the importance of the values we are trying to put in our product’s bottles or medical aluminum jars. We have just raised by these values: edible quality, sustanible beauty products. We did not find any brands that came with 100% bio, edible quality cosmetics. This caused a constant and huge interest to our products. We are very, very, very proud of this. The boom of our stand was the giant palm-tree display (made of reused paper), and luckily the products were found there too by the visitors.

The guests just came and came with glittering eyes. They tested the products, appreciated the environmentally friendly packaging and were very interested in the coconut oil cosmetics and also the brand. I was happy to tell them why we were preparing our preparations this way and what kind of values we represend. I hope that nobody left our stand open-handed.

The enviorment was very inspirational such as a degree of interest. There were many traditional and natural cosmetics brands, we have seen beautiful marketing resources, packaging, and a high level of professionalism of the other exhibitors. The astonishing openness of the audience, interest in edible quality cosmetics topic was absolutely breathtaking. It’s a very good feeling and a confirmation that we are on our way, on the right way.


Of course, Cosmoprof has been involved by the largest qualification institutes, such as NaTrue, whom we get the highest quality certification to the products of Coconutoil Cosmetics. Of course, I also visited their stand for a few minutes. 🙂

I did not have the chance to walk around the whole exhibition space, it was so gigantic. I am happy that we have been able to represent Hungary’s cosmetics producer. The number of people interested in bio cosmetics was a surprise for me. We’ve met many new people who hopefully will be involved in the future to make better understandable the brand and the quality we represent.


Thanks everyone who supported us with their presence and interest. Thanks once again to the Italian-Hungarian Foreign Economic Consulate for the opportunity.


See you next year at Bologna!